2015 International Workshop on Learning Analytics, Technology Adoption, and Language Learning in the Big-Data Era


URL: http://latall.top.ntnu.edu.tw
23rd - 24th of June, 2015. NTNU, Taipei, Taiwan


LATALL 2015, a 2-day workshop, will provide new insights into the trends of learning analytics, pedagogical technology adoption, and technology enhanced language learning in the era of big data. The workshop will provide researchers and educators with a platform for brainstorming some ideas of how and what kind of mechanisms would be highly innovative and effective in practical applications of learning analytics, acceleration of technology adoption in education, and learning modes of language acquisition in the big-data era. Our previously organized workshops, focusing on virtual worlds enhancing language learning and pedagogical application back in years 2012 and 2014, in Taipei, Taiwan, have gained much resonance. We ensured that a platform we set up these years have already provided a useful and interactive way in the short term. However, to achieve a better understanding and the effectiveness in the fast-pace and big-data era, we believe there are topics that could be discussed further and solutions to be explored in the long run.

DREAM BIG. This is the reason why we hope to gather scholars and experienced professionals in this coming passion-driven workshop in June. All the researchers and educators of language learning, e-learning, and learning analytics are very welcome to join us. We are sure it will be a fruitful harvest.